Mastering White Hat SEO in 3 Hours

Mastering White Hat SEO in 3 Hours

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the technique of capturing the top position in organic search results without spending advertising dollars through manipulating the onsite, offsite and technical factors.

Mastering White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 3 Hours launched by DIGICOM Academy enables students to learn exactly the proven SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods in less time and money than a degree would require as quickly as possible.  In 3 hours, marketers and business owners can earn the competitive edge of outperforming business rivels in web traffic and business through organic search

Course Details

(1) Concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

- Distinguish between paid and organic search

- Recognize how search engines work

- Identify the components of a SERP 

- Identify the types of organic search results

(2) 5 Step Methodology of SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

(i) Aligning SEO and business objectives with consumer journey with a focus on conversion

(ii) Keywords research: 

* Types of Keywords Categorization

* Selection in a balance of short tail and long tail keywords

(iii) Website audit in relation to online and named competitors

(iv) Optimization

* On-site Optimization: On Page & Technical

* Offsite Optimization

(v) Reporting and monitoring: tools and metrics to measure SEO success

(3) Resolve the common paradox on SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

(i) An SEO-Optimized Website Vs An SEO-Friendly Website and why you should always

* Make sure your web developer understand the difference of the above 

* Start your SEO before website development

(ii) White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO

* why you should always go for White Hat Methodology

* How to identify the Black Hat SEO agencies

(iii) Other misconception of SEO: Relationship between SEO effectiveness and factors like micro-influencers' backlinks, Link Building, Press Releases distribution, etc.

(4) Workshop: Use of free and paid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to conduct keywords research, Website Audit, Technical Optimization

(5) Latest Trend on SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Omnichannel 360 SEO on Apps (ASO), Video, Events, Marketplace, WordPress, and more; plus Social Media Integration

A Total of 3 Hours of Face to Face Training Hours including

Lecture (including lecture, case studies and practical exercises) 


Dashboard Training on ad platforms and technical tools including but not limited to:

- Google Ads Keywords Planner

- Open Site Explorer

- WebCEO


What Differentiate Us from Similar Course Providers?

- Step by Step Guides on Operating on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Technical Tools

- Lab Sessions for Dashboard Training

- Taught by Local Digital Marketing Pioneers

- Free On-line exam software

- Unlimited "Ask The Instructor" support 

- Digital marketers / Webmasters

- Business Owners or Website owners

- Anyone who want to jump start their career in Digital Marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Practicality is what we focused on as we saw degree graduates or even lecturers in digital marketing cannot execute an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Campaign:

- You will be equipped with the practical knowledge to plan, formulate and execute SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign in an integrated digital marketing framework

- You will be able to monitor your SEO agency with greater efficiency, equipped with the knowledge of all the best practices and what works, and be able to talk to your agencies,   vendors or subcontractors with greater confidence

- You will learn exactly what you need to know, as quickly as possible

- You will develop a strong understanding of SEO, including tools, strategies and best practices